Newspaper Recycled Paper Pencil

Newspaper Eraser Pencil
Newspaper Eraser Pencil
Paper pencil recycled from waste old newspaper. Because the product is made by using the original form of newspaper as it is, the pencil body shows the newspapers every time it is being sharpened. It holds unique value more than the material it used.
  • grey
Total length Eraser Diameter
190mm Yes 7.2 - 7.3mm

Newspaper Eraser Pencil

Recycle Paper Pencil

Eco-friendly pencil made of paper

  • Newspaper Eraser Pencil

    There may be sporadic spots on the surface of paper pencils, but there is nothing wrong with quality because it is the stain of eco-friendly starch glue paste.

  • Newspaper Eraser Pencil

    1-degree printing available for pencils. Choose one color you like for printing.

  • Newspaper Eraser Pencil

    Pencil made of waste old newspaper.

  • Newspaper Eraser Pencil

    Make your own pencil by printing the drawing or texts you want!
    Recommended as a gift as appreciation, souvenir, or event!

    Pencil colors are random.
    (Choose your color from the pencil color table.)