Hexa Rainbow Jewelry Paper Pencil

Hexa Rainbow Jewelry Pencil
Hexa Rainbow Jewelry Pencil
Absolute beauty at its best!
Latest release!! Hexa Rainbow Pencil
The front sharpened area of the pencil is added with six colors!!
The end tip even comes with jewels.
Only patented and certified pencil for eco-friendliness in Korea.
This is an eco-friendly pencil made of paper.
It absorbs sweat well and rarely slips from your hand.
It offers a soft sense of writing and a superior sense of grip.
Sharpen it with a pencil sharpener.
* Set product contains three pencils with random colors.
  • red
  • orange
  • yellow
  • green
  • blue
Total length Eraser Diameter Pencil Lead
175mm None 7.2 - 7.3mm B (Thick Lead)

Hexa Rainbow Jewelry Pencil

Internationally patented

Premium Hexa Rainbow Antibacterial
Paper Pencil

Antibacterial option is available for all products

Green Office Supplies,Ministry of Environment

  • Hexa Rainbow Jewelry Pencil

    There may be sporadic spots on the surface of paper pencils, but there is nothing wrong with quality because it is the stain of eco-friendly starch glue paste.

  • Hexa Rainbow Jewelry Pencil

    It is the first in the world to have a pattern on the front part of the pencil, and it keeps showing colored patterns on the front of the pencil as it keeps being sharpened.

  • Hexa Rainbow Jewelry Pencil

    360-degree printing available for pencils. Choose one color you like for printing.

  • Hexa Rainbow Jewelry Pencil

    Make your own pencil by printing the drawing or texts you want!
    Recommended as a gift as appreciation, souvenir, or event!

    *Pencil colors are random.*
    (Choose your color from the pencil color table.)

  • Hexa Rainbow Jewelry Pencil