Aurora Paper Pencil

Aurora Pencil White
Aurora Pencil White
This is an eco-friendly pencil made of paper.
It absorbs sweat well and rarely slips from your hand.
It offers a soft sense of writing and a superior sense of grip.
Sharpen it with a pencil sharpener.
  • white
Total length Eraser Diameter
175mm N/A 7.2 - 7.3mm

Aurora Pencil White

Paper Pencil Antibacterial Patent No. 10-1656223

Antibacterial treatment is
available upon request.
(Extra cost required)

As you sharpen the pencil, it keeps making endless patterns!

  • Aurora Pencil White

    Price for copperplate printing

    For the first print order, this copperplate option will produce pencils as per the draft and extra costs will be added.(No copperplate print cost for re-order with the same draft within 2 years)
    Don't forget to select the copperplate cost from the option! .

    There may be sporadic spots on the surface of paper pencils, but there is nothing wrong with quality because it is the stain of eco-friendly starch glue paste.

  • Aurora Pencil White

1-degree printing available for pencils - Choose one color you like for printing.