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We develop automation systems to supply products to satisfy customers' expectations, and remain committed to quality improvement and management.

Grounded on our relentless development efforts for the past three decades, we have been consistent in developing various patents including 5 invention patents, 15 utility model patents, 20 design patents, and 20 trademark patents. We manufacture only the patented products as the value producer.

The list of advanced, global inventions by Good Feel Korea Co., Ltd. includes Design Paper Pencil Zebra, Paeon for all kinds of antibacterial school stationeries, photochromic Chameleon Crayon, Pot Pencil for natural observation studies, Multi-Pocket Aroma - acupressure/antibacterial air freshener of new concept which is portable and for vehicles and can be used by sharpening, Antibacterial Rubber Eye Pencil Eco Pie, Muse the antibacterial premium jewelery pencil, Duncan Rainbow Pencil - a collaborative work with a famous designer in the UK, Antibacterial Eco Pie - a daily necessity treated with antibacterial compression, Bummy Clyde Seed Mini Pencil - a combination of eco-friendly stubby paper pencil and fertilizer seed capsule, Hexa Rainbow the eco-friendly premium pencil, waterproof stone paper outdoor notebook, and a whole lot more. These products are patented products developed by Good Feel Korea.

Good Feel Korea Co., Ltd. Focuses solely on producing the world's one-and-only products across the fields of stationeries and daily necessities added with the values of eco-friendliness and anti-bacteria based on our dedication to new product development and diligence to bring satisfaction to our customers' needs.

Good Feel Korea has been certified and completed patent application for antibacterial quality on most of our daily necessities from the petroleum products including PP, PE, PVC to paint surface, and urethane rubbers. In 2017, we are energetically preparing for new value creation.

Thank you.

Park Gil-Seo
CEO of Good Feel Korea, Co., Ltd.